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    Is it possible to re-code variables in a mashup

    Brian Williams

      The project I support has the requirement to provide users with the capability to re-code dimensions. For instance, one dimension in our Qlik Sense app is Field of Study with values like Agriculture, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Sciences, Education, Engineering, and Mathematics. A user may want re-code this dimension so that the value are Education, Engineering, and Other (in this case, Other would consist of a Agriculture, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Sciences, and Mathematics).  The data rendered in the visualization could then be filtered on these 3 values.  Similarly, another user may want to re-code this dimension as Biology, Chemistry, Computer Sciences, and Other (in this case Other would consist of Agriculture, Education, Engineering, and Mathematics). These re-code definitions would be dynamic and not saved anywhere.


      Users access our Qlik Sense apps through a web mashup, so users would need to be able perform the re-coding through the web app using custom code that utilize the Qlik APIs.  Does anyone know if this is even possible? I haven't seen anything that references this type of capability.