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    sheet vanishes on Clear



      I have been developing a document and it has been working ok.

      I have security on most sheets using show sheets -  conditional and this has been working fine.

      (simple script loading spreadsheet with user name and 1 or 0 for each sheet)


      The document was working ok, but now for no apparent reason if I hit the clear button my conditional sheets vanish.

      All I have been doing since it worked is changed some items on the dashboard, but perhaps I have clicked/ edited something by mistake


      When I close and reopen the document the sheets re appear



      any help appreciated



      (Using Version 10 64bit)

        • sheet vanishes on Clear
          Derek Jones

          Hi John


          can you copy and paste in this discussion the condition expression you are using in your sheet properties to verify if user can view the sheet?


          I suspect that by hitting the clear button you are clearing the user and so on teh conditional check it's coming back false so not showing you the sheet?





            • sheet vanishes on Clear

              Hi Derek


              Problem resolved - thanks for pointing me in the right direction

              I also had a trigger on opening of the document which selected the user from the same spreadsheet.

              seems like the load trigger is cleared when selecting the clear button.

              I just added the on username trigger back into the clear button after the clear action and it works ok.

              (not sure if this is the most elegant solution but it works)


              On load trigger




              Conditional - show sheet

              sum(Dashboard) = 1


              Excel sheet contains

              Username        Dashboard

              fifeab\johnomah     1


              Load statement


              LOAD Username,


              FROM  [60_DataSources\Security.xlsx] (ooxml, embedded labels, table is Sheet1);