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    Sort Z-A in a partial sum field and exclude one value from a formula

    Josh Mcdermott
      Account NameAcct#Crd Hold?Risk Codeposted_balCredit AvailCredit LimitAR_Aging_ClassTotal DueAge 151+Age 121-150Age 91-120Age 61-90Age 31-60Age 1-30Age 0Cur
      Company A107NLOW           789           6,711           7,500 $789.--$79.-$129.$233.$347.
      Company B139NLOW        2,619           7,381         10,000 $2,619.-----$1,368.$1,251.
      Company C153NLOW      13,023         46,977         60,000 $13,023.--$488.-$130.$1,747.$10,658.
      Company D244NLOW      18,962       131,038       150,000 $18,962.($337.)---($599.)$5,561.$14,336.
      Company E251NLOW      19,525         10,475         30,000 $19,525.$1,055.--$92.$1,278.($657.)$17,756.
      2 Questions - 
      1. this is a output from a pivot chart I have.  I am wanting the Total Due Field to show in Desending order, in dimension 'AR_Aging_Class' I have Show Partial Sums selected and 'Total Due' as the Label for Totals.  I can't find where to make it sort in decending order?
      2. I want a Column that is Past Due…Which would be 'Total Due' minus 'Age0Cur'?