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    how to show percentages of only two years in pie chart

    Sudhakar Battula

      Hi Experts,


      I have Different Date columns and i have created master calendar linked with those columns and i have created charts also those all are correct but now i got one more requirement which it is:

      I want to create pie chart and show the the percentage of only FY:2017 and FY:2018

      For that I wrote the Expression like this:


      =count({<Recruiter={'Irfan Memon','Rajiv Ranjan','Aditi Saxena','Sneha Singh'},Date_Flag={'DeclineDate'}, Year ={2017,2018}>}CandidateID)


      count({<Recruiter={'Irfan Memon','Rajiv Ranjan','Aditi Saxena','Sneha Singh'},Date_Flag={'offerdate'}, Year={2017,2018}>}CandidateID)


      But i want it for FY:2017 and FY:2018


      Can you guys please suggest me how to achieve this. For your reference here i am attaching my qvw also. Please check it and give your valuable suggestions


      Note: I want to show only those two years percentage (e.g. if 2017 Percentage is :16, and 2018's is 30% like this)


      Thank you in advance