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    How to trim a string from the middle

    Don Bosco

      I have following.


      <a href='http://ssp.rl.gs.com/ssps/-0b83d027-0145-4643-b0c74e70a9e703e&sourceSystemName=PACT2UHA'>"http://ssp.pact-next.url.gs.com/ssps/Current/PACT_Find_eTask?sourceSystemName=PACT2UHA"</a>


      I only want the following



      I tried

         Textbetween([Etask Link], ''',''') but this does not work


      This works   :  Textbetween([Etask Link], 'http','PACT2UHA') , However its chops off http and PACT2UHA which I need in the link.

      Trimming by length does not work as there are multiple rows with different length. and the string that I am interested in all the rows always start with http and end with PACT2UHA.