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    Create a Reload Task using QMS API

    Igor Alcantara

      I am using a QMS API and I want to create a reload task to a document. I do not have Publisher, so It is not a publisher task. What I want is programaticaly add a reload time to a document as we do in QlikView Server when we don't have Publisher installed.


      Please find below the function code that should do that. Right now It is just a piece of test to see if I can add a task to a document and save it.


      The SaveDocumentTaskFunction returns the following error. It is asking for the Guid of the DistributionService but, as I said, there is no Publisher installed.


      The error is Validation of DocumentTask object failed: QDSID property cannot be an empty Guid


      The code is:


      public void getQVDocument(string sDocument)


                  DocumentNode oDoc;

                  DocumentTask oTask;

                  DocumentTask.TaskReload oReload;





                      oDoc = Document(sDocument);


                      oTask = new DocumentTask();

                      oTask.Scope = DocumentTaskScope.Reload;

                      oTask.Document = oDoc;

                      oReload = new DocumentTask.TaskReload();

                      oReload.Mode = TaskReloadMode.Full;



                      oTask.Reload = oReload;






                      int icount = oDoc.TaskCount;




                  catch (Exception oEx)