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    Pivot table: multible column widths for expr. X based on dim. Y


      I have thought a lot about the naming of this thread so hopefully it makes sense [:|]. I have the following pivot table object in the enclosed QV application:

      error loading image

      The object includes two calculations where Calc1 is only calculated when DIM_2 = A and Calc2 when DIM_2 = B.

      Now - what I want to do is obviously to hide Calc2 when DIM_2 = A and Calc1 when DIM_2 = B or alternatively to use a macro to set the column width to 0.

      Obviously, the problem is, that e.g. Calc2 is the same column under both DIM_2 = A and B, so changing the width under A will reflect the same change under B.... [:^)]

      Is there a way that you can set multible widths of the Calc1 and Calc2 columns?


      Lars Madsen