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      Anyone can help me to set up a pdf distribution task?


      Hi setted up a simple task distributing the document as .qvw. It works ok.


      Then I changed the document type property from .qvw to .pdf file and the task always terminate with error: "PRINTING_UNKNOW_ERROR"...It say that isn't able to locate filesystem plug-in...what does it mean?


      Thank you in advance for your help.


      best regards,



          Ashfaq Mohammed



          Did you configure SMTP server.

          Also yo need to have PDF License enabled in publisher.

          Make sure to have PDF printer installed on qlikview server.

          Also make sure that PDF printer Installed is set as default printer in the qlikview server.


          Hope that helps




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              Thank you for your help!




              I tried to save the pdf file in the filesystem…is it possible? Or I need to

              send them by e-mail?


              I installed PDF excenge 3.0, as default printer and the license is ok…the

              pdf file type is enabled in the option for distributing…





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                  Ashfaq Mohammed



                  You can send the file via email.

                  Or even you can save it to a particular folder in your server.


                  If your questioned is answered then mark it as answered so that others take benifit of the same.


                  Hope that helps.




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                      I need to save the file in a specific folder.




                      I tried to set up the task to distribute file as qvw file. The loop and

                      reduce cycle produces the files in the correct directory.


                      After do that I changed the property “file type” from qvw to pdf and run

                      again the task…it fails…




                      I don’t know why…may be some permission problem over the directory or there

                      are particular privileges I need to set for the user running publisher





                      Here an extract of the log file:




                      The task "pippo" failed. Part of the log file follows:








                      11/07/2011 16:45:01     Error Could not print report.

                      ErrorCode=PRINTER_UNKNOWN_ERROR. ReportID=Document\RP01




                      11/07/2011 16:45:01     Error Distribution to resources failed with errors.

                      Warnings: 0, Errors: 1




                      11/07/2011 16:45:02     Error The task "pippo" failed. Exception:




                      QDSMain.Exceptions.DistributionFailedException: Distribute failed with

                      errors to follow. ---> QDSMain.Exceptions.LogBucketErrorException




                         at QDSMain.DistributeTask.RevertOneAndAlwaysOne(Document qvbDocument)




                         at QDSMain.DistributeTask.ReleaseQvb(Document qvbDocument)




                         at QDSMain.DistributeTask.Distribution(String fileName,

                      DistributionRequest distributionRequest, TaskResult taskResult, String

                      repeatVariableName, String currentRepeatVariableValue)




                         at QDSMain.DistributeTask.Execute(TaskResult currentTaskResult)




                         --- End of inner exception stack trace ---




                         at QDSMain.DistributeTask.Execute(TaskResult currentTaskResult)




                         at QDSMain.Task.AbstractTask.TaskExecution(ILogBucket logBucket,

                      TaskResult taskResult)




                      Thank you.





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                  Eduardo Gonzalez Servant

                  Hi everyone,


                  I got the same error 'PRINTING_UNKNOW_ERROR' and after research about it I got to this conclusion:


                  When we have a task which send a PDF by mail we can not have any hidden object in our report, because for any reason Qlikview lose the reference to these objects and QV doesn't know how to make the report.


                  I hope it helps