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    Show resuslts like Google

      Hello Community ,



      is there a way to begin to enter search terms Qlikview in a field, so that results are updated immediately?

      For example, I give an accountname in the field not the whole word, but only the first letters "Proc".

      Now, should the other related fields update accordingly without a selection. Like the Google or Ajax behavior.

      Can I realize something in Qlikview? Does anybody advice ?


      Thank you

        • Show resuslts like Google
          Erich Shiino

          It may not be the same, but you can use some advanced search.

          Click on the search button of a list box, and then click on the >> button...

          There you can write some advanced search expression.

          On the picture below, I will select ITEM based on values which are larger than 10200000.

          I can see the results on others fields as I type the expression.


          Hope this helps,