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    creating a chart from an expression

      Hi I've managed to create a straigt table with some expressions to calculate the columns I need (all good)

      I have something like this



      SiteCCS 3CCS 4TotalBandFee
      Site 1219Band B100%
      Site 2011Band B100%
      Site 3104Band B100%
      Site 4115Band B100%
      Site 5115Band B100%
      Site 6219Band B100%
      Site 75020Band C110%
      Site 83315Band C110%

      where the Band is calculated as the following expression

      =(Total>150,'Band F',IF(Total>60,'Band E',IF(Total>30,'Band D',IF(Total>10,'Band C',IF(Total>0,'Band B','Band A')))))


      How do I know create a separate chart so I can count all the Band Bs and Band Cs

      Its probably very simple but I can't seem to figure it out!