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    Link Charts for Sort?

      Hi All,


      Is it possible to have two charts sort dynamically together?  For example, I have a straight table and a bar chart on the same tab.  I'd like the sort on the bar chart to automatically update when the sort on the straight table is changed.


      Let me know if you would like further clarification- I appreciate any help you can provide!




        • Link Charts for Sort?

          Anyone?  Is this not possible, or would you like more information?  Thanks!

            • Link Charts for Sort?
              John Witherspoon

              I don't believe it's directly possible, as I don't think there's any trigger based on sorting.


              One workaround might be to handle sorting with a list box, like a "Sort By" field.  Then put an expression in both charts that sorts the data based on your sort by field.  I don't think it would work particularly cleanly, but it might be better than it not working at all.