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    Document CALs problem

    Radoslava Dimitrova



      We have a problem using Document CALs. We have Small Business Edition with 5 Named CALs and 10 Document CALs, no directory service deployed and we are not in a domain. All of the users log in via WORKGROUP. For now when they want to use the QV portal they log in to the real server with their own user and open the portal via IE. This works with the Named Cals, but it doesn't with Document CALs. When they try to open a particular document there's an error saying that there're no document cals allocated for the user (although we've assigned the user a document cal).


      I've searched for some solutions but I couldn't find. I found that the Custom Directory and Users could be a possible solution but with SBE there isn't DMS authorization.

      I' m quite new in this and I need to understand how Qlikview authenticate a user connecting to the server in this case what is the problem and is there a solution for this?


      Any help would be appreciated.