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    Hide objects from AJAX-client



      I have a couple of objects in my QlikView-application that I would only like to show to those select few that are accessing the application from Developer. Most users use the AJAX-client and I would prefer if they didn't see the objects in question.


      Does anybody have any ideas on how to accomplish this? I'm not even sure where to start

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          Look around the 'qlikviewversion()' function and try to use it within a conditional show on each object you want to block.


          I haven't tested this but I'm assuming this returns different values if you're via the C: client or via AJAX.


          eg in you Conditional Show expression '=qlikviewversion()='10.00.9055.0409' - thats assuming all C: users are on the same install; if not you should be able to take use something like; =left(qlikviewversion(),2)='10'.


          Obviously that hasn't been checked in the wild so to speak but should work with some tweaks.


          The 'Access Method' is logged in the server log file so it may be possible to do directly but I haven't come across the function to return it.


          Hope that helps,


          Matt - Visual Analytics Ltd


          ***ADDITION: I can confirm qlikviewversion() does return different values when accessed via AJAX / IE Plugin when compared to the C: Client.***