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    Alternative to get printout document

    John Andersson

      Hi, today i have a macro that's allow to print out a documents from Qlikview. The problem is to all webbrowsers that you must use shift+ctrl+m to allow all unsafe macro to run.

      But i can't reach the combination because the combination uses other functions in the browsers.


      So, is there another way to get print out without macros?




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          m w

          "unsafe macros" will work only with IE and the QV Plugin.


          You might try creating a report.

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              John Andersson

              Hi, it work's with other, like Chrome to. You just have to bring up the shift+ctrl+m, but there is a other function in Chrome now.


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                  Sudeep Mahapatra

                  I thought that to run a macro in a QlikView document one needs to publish the document in IE/QV plugin mode (Access Mode) which can be viewed only in IE browser.

                  If you are trying to run in Macro in a QVW from Chrome then are you using AJAX client to open the document in Chrome?


                  Apart from using macro you may use other Print solutions such as.

                  1. QlikView default Report that comes with Qlik package

                  2. NPrinting

                  3. Use Javascript libraries to print the chart in office format

                  4. Use QlikView Javascript API to copy data from chart to outside (to some Database) and then use other Reporting tool to generate Reporta by consuming the data from the Database (example: SSRS reports)