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    problems to create fixed filters in charts

    Fabio V D Yoshida

      Hi folks,


      I am not an expert on QlikView (of course) and I am facing 2 situations here regarding filters in charts:


      1) I have a top 10 graph showing how many tickets were opened by some working groups. I need to split this graph in two, in the first one it has to show all groups except the business groups. On the second graph I need to show only the functional groups. All info is on the same dimension called "Groups".



      - Groups


      2) I have one graph for SLA Control. So I need to show the Achievement % X the TARGET. Do we have a way to show this in % or do I have to create the calculation manually? Also for this one it has to show data related to one specific group.



      -Creation Date

      -Target SLA

      - SLA_AChievement (true or false) - I need to filter by true

      - Groups

      in both cases I am using the same table


      Sorry if this is a too simple question, but my knowledge on this tool is very limited.


      thank you in advance