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    manisha panda

      Hi Folks,


      can some one please help me to understand how stop association between 2 Sheets :


      eg :


      i have 2 sheets in may proj  in sheet1 i have mentioned a details table view, and current selection box

      and in 2nd sheet i have list box and multi box for selection and straight table , but when i am doing any selection in sheet2 ,sheet1 data also get filter ,

      i want solution like if i do any selection in sheet2 then only that sheet should give the result , rest other sheets data should not change.

      2 )

      and i want the same data section control in between 2 tables as well.

      like i have table 1 and table 2 if i filter  some data in table1 then that should only respond , table 2 should remain unchanged.


      Thanks ,

      Manisha P