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    Ajax-Client sends user (with ticket) to login screen

      Hi all,


      I'm trying to access a document on a server that is set to DMS Security.


      When calling the document URL (like defined below), I get a "no connection" popup, which is qlikview's charming way of telling me that I need to pass in a ticket to identify my user. That is perfectly sound to me.


      DOC URL:     http://server.name/QvAjaxZfc/opendoc.htm?document=doc.qvw


      So I get a ticket ID and attach a parameter



      to the URL, which results in a login screen (username and password). Obviously the Ajax client automatically attached a parameter



      to my url, which leads me to the login screen. I don't understand why I get that login screen, if the ticket were invalid, i should get "no connection" popup, shouldn't I? I tried explicitly adding the user (the one that I get the ticket for) to the document Recipients list,  but that doesn't change anything. I tried tickets for users that the application knows to be USERS and ADMINS, none gets access to the document.




      Some more background on the security / authorization setup:

      - The document is set to allow anonymous access so basically it should let anyone through.

      - An access section is defined and restrictive mode is enabled.


      Does anybody have an idea why I get that login screen? To my understanding, passing in a ticket should be sufficient to identify the user, shouldn't it?