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    set analysis - union

      Both the below expressions are working for me while trying to filter some records in a straight table.


      only({<[StartDate]={"<=$(vStartDate)"}>}[bkgno]) * only({<[EndDate]={">=$(vStartDate)"}>}[bkgno])


      only({<[StartDate]={"<=$(vEndDate)"}>}[bkgno]) * only({<[EndDate]={">=$(vEndDate)"}>}[bkgno])


      I need to concatenate the results obtained through these two expression. I tried

      (only({<[StartDate]={"<=$(vStartDate)"}>}[bkgno]) * only({<[EndDate]={">=$(vStartDate)"}>}[bkgno])) +

      (only({<[StartDate]={"<=$(vEndDate)"}>}[bkgno]) * only({<[EndDate]={">=$(vEndDate)"}>}[bkgno]))

      but it is not working, I am not getting results as expected.

      Records with StartDate > vStartDate and those with EndDate < vEndDate is not getting displayed after using the union operator. 


      How to go forward for getting union of the above two separate results ?

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          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce



          If you mean you want to see those values that match both set modifiers, I'd try the following


          (only({<[StartDate] = {"<=$(vStartDate)"} >} [bkgno]) * only({< [EndDate] = {">=$(vStartDate)"} >} [bkgno])) &
          (only({<[StartDate] = {"<=$(vEndDate)"} >} [bkgno]) * only({< [EndDate] = {">=$(vEndDate)"} >} [bkgno]))


          Using the "&" instead of the "+" to concatenate. Anyway it would be very helpful if you upload some sample data to see what you want to get.


          Hope that helps


          Miguel Angel Baeyens

          BI Consultant

          Comex Grupo Ibérica