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    Changing filters messes with load time of Excel files for a table of just the file information

      I am working with somebody else's code and there is a table that pull all of the files with .xls extension from a directory. Very simple. The table only contains the following fields:


      FileName()           as [File Name],

      FileTime()            as [Last Modified],

      FileSize()/1024    as [Size (kb)],

      Now()                  as [Reload Date]


      There is a filter that removes a few rows from the files on load. I thought, "Well, what's the point of that?", and I got rid of the filters. The load time went from ~7 seconds to rolling over 2 minutes, at which point I aborted the reload.

      I figured, "It could be that the sheet that's being loaded is large enough to affect the load time", so I applied a filter that removes everything but the first row. Same result as if there were no filters at all.


      So the question is: what is going on? Why can't I grab the information about the files, since I don't care about the content at that point, without applying the filters that are there? (which just leave a block of 8x2, a basic info box)