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    Nested set in a set expression

    Jakob Berglund

      Hey all!

      There are a lot of posts on SET analysis out there now, but really none covering the idea of nesting a SET expression into another SET expression.

      I will get right down to my problem. I am trying to select the next coming start date of a meeting (from a .xls-calendar). If I select MeetingType = 'Coming', I see all coming meetings. I have a separate SortOrder to show which one is next in line.

      The main problem is that I can't get the following expression to work:


      =min( {$< SortOrder = {"=minstring({$< MeetingType = {'Coming'}>} SortOrder)"} >} [Date Start])

      Making a quick debugging, the following code DOES work:


      =minstring({$< MeetingType = {'Coming'}>} SortOrder)

      It shows the SortOrder I want to select to get my [Date Start].Of course, the SortOrder is linked to the [Date Start]

      If I do all selections manually, that would be first selecting MeetingType="Coming", then the lowest SortOrder, then the lowest [Date Start], which is what I'm after, and that works just fine.

      Any ideas?


      Sincere regards