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    Choose max date from range

      Hi all,


      I have a field 'Link Date' which occurs for every Sunday of the month. I have another field 'CalendarMonth' which occurs for every month of the year.

      How can I allow users to click on 'CalendarMonth' and view the data associated with the Link Date which occurs on the last Sunday of the month ?


      E.g for May:

      Link Dates are: 01/05/11, 08/05/11, 15/05/11, 22/05/11 & 29/05/11.


      Once May is selected, I'd like the data for 29/05/11 to be shown only.










        • Choose max date from range
          Jay Edgson

          If  LinkDates is a field then you could simply use:


          Max(LinkDates) this will just display the last sunday in the month you have selected.


          If it is not a field then you could use something along the lines of:


          Max( If( WeekDay(YourDateField ) = 6, YourDateField)

          Where 0 is Monday and 6 is Sunday