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    Week of Financial Year

      Hello Guys,


           I stuck in calculating the week of the financial year....


           Actually, The financial year starts from April to March.


           So the first week of April should be the starting week of the year.


           How can I get this result...? Help me in this.



           Thanks in advance.


        • Week of Financial Year
          Stefan Wühl

          Hi Rajan,


          Haven't found an easy QlikView funtion way, maybe I have missed something.


          You could always use

          =num(([Date]+275-(MakeDate(Year([Date]+275-mod([Date]-2,7)+3), 1, (mod([Date]-2,7)+1) )-10))/7-0.5,'###0')


          to calculate the week of financial year (starting April). Week numbering is in accordance / analogy to ISO-8601.





          P.S: If you want a different start of financial year, replace both occurences of 275 with number of days from financial year start till end of calendar year (i.e. April 1st  to December 31 = 275)


          Hope this helps,