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    Language Use

      Godd morning,


      I would like to use a translatios funtion betwen English and Spanish, in the Qlick View examples they are using the function below:



      LOAD Sprache as Language,

      Sprache_Kurz as Language_Abbrev,

      Sprache_Flag as Language_Flag

      FROM Languages.qvd (qvd);


      LOAD EintragNr,



      FROM Word_List.qvd (qvd);



      there is some way to find this file?





      I´ll appreciate your help...

        • Language Use



          Using translations is easy.  You have to create a table with an  Id Column and as many columns as different languages:


          Id     English     Spanish

          1     Hello          Hola

          2     ....               ...


          Then, inside your application, use a variable to store the active language. When associating a string to an object, use the Id value instead of the string to refer the desired row of the table, and place and if to select the language depending on variable's value.