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    Damn Blanks!

    Samuel Vile

      Hello all,


      Can any of you help with the following problem please: -


      I have a QVW file that links to several different data sources and pulls a list of tables together, it links all tables with the Master Calendar using the field EctractDate. One of my tables (NGPActionLogger) though seems to be returning blanks when I try and select a specific month or year....I really have no idea why. This is a copy of the table layout, is it a date formatting problem??


      Any help is greatly appreciated.



        • Damn Blanks!
          John Witherspoon

          It certainly could be a date formatting problem.  If, say, the NGPActionLogger table had a text value for the date like '2011/7/15', this would not match up to a MasterCalendar using actual date values for the date.

            • Damn Blanks!
              Samuel Vile

              Hi John,


              Thanks for the reply...I did some digging and found that for some reason my Master Calendar has randomly stopped creating the month and year of my extract date, I have no idea why but I think this is why the graphs are showing no data when a month is selected.


              Have you ever heard of this before, I've attached a copy of the table?


              ExtractDate Month Year

              25/05/2011      5      2011

              26/05/2011      5      2011

              27/05/2011      5      2011

              28/05/2011      5      2011

              29/05/2011      5      2011

              30/05/2011      5      2011

              31/05/2011      5      2011














                • Damn Blanks!
                  Samuel Vile

                  I figured it out!!!


                  It was happening because the min and max variables of the script were coming from a table with a smaller date range than the results I was trying to look at!!


                  To get around it I loaded a temp table which holds all dates from 2008-2012 so we always know what the min and max dates will be.


                  Phew...that was starting to worry me!