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    Slopegraphs - too Tufte ?

    Hamish Donald

      Hi all,


      After reading a post at Edward Tufte's blog I've had a quick go at creating a 'slopegraph' in Qlikview but am stuck on a label placement issue.


      The problem is after using the script to, rather clumsily, create a resident table with new data points positioned to show a series of 'stacked'

      lines, each tracing a trend in UN Life Expectancy data per country, I ran out of space for the expression that holds the labels as data point values.


      In order to have enough space on the left of the plot area I've added two dummy years to the data on the x-axis and hidden them with a text block, which is a bit of an ugly hack by anyones standards.


      There must be a better way - I'd appreciate any ideas of how to add that space because the slopegraph thing does show up 'lines of unusual slope' quite well.


      Using those dummy years removes the only interaction that still works which is the click and drag selection - if I could fix that they may be useful, even if just for a demo.


      See attached example qlikview that points at the UN HDR data site for loading a table of Life Expectancy data (one possible test example mentioned on the Tufte blog) and an image of the chart (the 3 dots in the bottom left hide the extra years)