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    Remove green dot in sheet tab

    Manuel Rühl



      Is there any possibility to remove the green dot in the sheet tab ?


      The greens dots extend the tabs, so i have two rows of tabs on my ipad

      and thats costs too much space on the ipad.


      there is a second angular design of the sheet tab without the green dots,

      but this configuration has no effect on the displayed sheet tabs on the ipad.


      thanks a lot for alle youre replies!

        • Remove green dot in sheet tab
          Erich Shiino


          I don't know if is possible.

          But you could hide the tabrow (Settings -> Doc. Properties -> General Tab -> Hide tabrow)

          Then, recreate it using buttons with actions to move between sheets.

          After you create a button, you include an action with:

          Button properties -> Actions -> Add -> Layout -> Activate Sheet.

          You can find the Sheet ID by right clicking in a blank space in the sheet and looking for it in the general tab.


          Hope this helps,



          • Remove green dot in sheet tab


            Its not possible..cause that green dot shows the associative sheets...

            Dot on the sheet objects can be remove..bt not possible on sheet tabs !.

              • Remove green dot in sheet tab
                Manuel Rühl

                Thanks for the answer.


                There are green dots in the  angular view of the sheet tabs but they have no effect on the width of the sheet tab.


                My solution is:


                I have inserted a conditional view of some sheets based on the document name.

                so i can reload analysis.qvw and when i save it under ipad.qvw, some sheets

                i dont need in the mobile version disappear.