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    Trigger not working when Web View is On

      I have a calendar slider applied to a set of graphs (x-axis = day) that are set to be visible when Toggleview = 1.   I have another set of graphs (x-axis = month) that are set to be visible when Toggleview = 2 (no calendar slider).  When the calendar slider is moved to a given time period, the daily graphs change as expected.  When the user selects Toggleview=2, I want to “Clear All” so the next set of graphs do not keep the previous selection and show the entire year.


      So I created a Variable Event Trigger on Toggleview, where “On Change” the action is “Clear All”.  This works fine when “Turn on/off web view” is “Off”.   However when I turn web view to “On”, this behavior no longer works.   The graphs for Toggleview=2 have not “cleared” and the selection from the slider is still active.


      Is this a problem?  Am I missing something?  Why would the behavior be different with the web view On or Off?


      Thanks for any suggestions you might have.