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      Is there any chart that support two dimensions and two expressions.... and how


      Please help



      Binod Kr.

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          not received any reply yet..... strange..........

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            Rob Wunderlich

            Several charts (Bar and Grid for example) will support 2 dims and 2 expressions. Can you be more specific about what you are trying to achieve?



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              It would be great, if you could post your problem statement (with little example of what would you like to achieve). How ever you can Use multiple Dims and expressions by

              1. Calculated Dimensions
              2. Drill down group of Dimensions
              3. Cyclic group
              4. Calulating dimension from other dimension (like Col(3)= Col(2)+ Col(1))
              5. Example: On expression, two bar object or one bar and one line chart or both line chart on the same chart


              It always depend upon the problem statement.Think twice while applying much(10 or more)  dimension for an object as it substancially slow down the object