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    Detailed Bar Chart Problem

      Hey all,


      I have a problem with a bar chart I'm trying to create.

      I want to have one bar chart that gives an overview of all Entities like so below:

      QlikView x64 Personal Edition - [DWorkHDN MonitorSNS_Demo_2.qvw]_2011-07-19_10-47-05.png

      And when I click on an Entity it should show the corresponding Attributes of that Entity, like so:

      QlikView x64 Personal Edition - [DWorkHDN MonitorSNS_Demo_2.qvw]_2011-07-19_10-48-06.png

      I already managed to do this by specifying the Attributes dimension like this:




      This works, but I still have some problems with how it all looks and works.

      - Is this good practice to do it like this?

      - I can't get the legenda to show in the first Entity bar chart, how-to fix?

      - First Entity chart doesn't show multicolored bars. I know I can fix this manually by using a expression for the background color, but is it possible to do it automatically?