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    Transparency in scatter chart

    John Lumley

      Hi, I've got a scatter chart showing five years worth of data for lots of companies. Each company is a different colour. At the moment it joins the dots with a line (which is useful to see) to show the movement over the 5 years. Can anyone suggest a way I can set the transparency of all the 2006 data points to be higher than 2007, 2007 higher than 2008 and so on. Basically I want to fade out the older result whilst still showing them on the chart.


      If the points were all the same colour I could easily set it with an IF, evaluating the YEAR object. The problem is they're not the same colour.





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          John Lumley

          Well I've managed to answer my own question. I set up a seperate spreadsheet with the rgb colour values for each company. Loaded that in and set the background colour expression to be




          My chart now looks like this, the later years are more obvious but you can still see the earlier years.




          Hope this helps someone else