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    scatter reference lines

      Hello Experts ,



      I need help regarding a small issue ...

      I plotted a scatter chart with some pre-calculated values ... and i plotted reference lines to them based on average of pre-cal values ...

      but when i'm making a lasso to select some of the plotted scatter points my reference lines are changing ... i mean the value where the lines are plotting are changing which i don't want to happen ....

      I tried using center on but it makes my chart to center on a specific value which makes my scatter points to plot above or below of the chart ...

      is there any way to fix the reference lines by which lasso doesn't impacts on them ....





      thanking u all



        • scatter reference lines
          Stefan Wühl

          Hi Merwan,


          it is probably not only a question of lasso, but of selecting some values.

          If you use the lasso, you are not just zooming in but selecting also values.


          I guess your reference lines change when you select values (like a linear regression changes with different subset of x/y data).

          So if you want a fixed reference line with taking all (global, unzoomed) values into account, you must ensure to use all data when calculating your pre-calculated reference data.

          You can do this for example by using {1} in sum or other aggregation functions.


          If you post your expression or - even better - sample qvw, I think someone can help you.