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    if for dynamic variable



      I have 2 questions please?


      1)   I need to check a date against multiple values availbale in other resident table, and if the value is TRUE then set certain value.

           for example

           I have in table the folllowing fields ("30/11/2010","18/07/2009","10/03/2011",...etc) , and this table is built using max while uploading the script as a resident table

           within the same script, I need to check if the loaded date of another table is part of this resuident table to set a YearEnd value as 1

          (i.e.  IF date(mydate) = $dates avauilable in the table, 1, 0) as YearEnd



      so, how can I do this?






      within the expression of a chart, how can I check if a selection is NULL or was selected ? for example I have drill down dimension group, s in case level 1 is clicked I need to show the sum of value-A, if level 2 then show sum of value-B ,.... and so on


      many thanks