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    2 Values for 1 field name

      Hi Guys,


      I have QV Doc thats loaded from Excel Spreadsheets,


      Each Spreadsheet belongs to one of 4 teams , 'A','B','C' or 'D'.

      On the load I have a statement that simply reads


      'A' as Team


      So on the QV doc there is a list box that we can click on and see data from that particular team


      NOW, I have a 5th spreadsheet that belongs to Team A and B , the data on this spreadsheet is not split between teams, that is fine. Say for example [Number of transactions] is equal to 781 on this spreadsheet if I click on either Team A OR Team B I wish for the data to display 781.


      I tried


      'A','B' as Team result was only assigned to A

      'A' &'B' as Team result was created new Team AB


      I had thought about loading sheet twice , calling first load A and the other B then in the charts dividing by 2 ?


      Anyone got any suggestions please ?




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          Stefan Wühl

          Hi Anne,


          I think your last idea may be problematic, because you don't want to device all data by 2, only the shared one, do you? And then, how do you decide which data was originally shared after loading data twice?


          No, maybe I would use a linkage table.


          Load spreadsheets with label like sheet1, sheet2, sheet3 and then have table



          Team, label

          A , sheet1

          B, sheet2


          A, sheet5

          B, sheet5



          Maybe like this?




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