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    need help with join

      Hi All,


      I am a newbie in qlikview and have been struck in this problem, though am trying for a while but not able to get desired output.


      here's the problem statement:  I have 2 excel file, one for history data and other for current data, now i need to get the output where it has to satisfy 2 conditions; 1. Status should be converted from pending to DIN     and  2.  R_Flag should remain "yes".


      Based on above conditions the output should have:

      1. Ratio of count of converted ID  to  count of total pending ID,     so in our case

      Count of Converted Items=1.

      Count of Pending Items = 2.

      Hence ,

      1/2 = 50%


      2. Ratio of total converted value  to total pending value,     so in our case  $50/ ($100 + $200)  =  1/6  = 16%


      I have attached both the excel file for your kind perusal.


      Please help...