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    Compare two different data sets running together

      Hi, I am new to QlikView. i normally work in SQL


      I have been tasked to do the following, i am not sure if you can even do this in QlikView.


      I have a dataset of 5 linked tables named CurrentModel in SQL.


      I want to create two views in QlikView using the same tables one view is called CurrentModel and the other view to be called ProjectedModel


      the only difference between the two are CurrentModel will always be this Financial year and ProjectedModel will be next Financial year.


      What i have noticed is if i bring both datasets into QlikView with the same field names QlikView joins both datasets on the all the field names.


      What i need to do is have both datasets sitting next to each other and a global field that say if i change Expense for ToiletRolls then both models update to show the difference.


      Firstly am i doing this right bringing in two datasets, or can i mirror the one dataset and then apply a different date for each. or ????


      thanks, i hope i have explained this well enough