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    Line chart 2 expressions

      Hi All,



      I have a line chart which has 2 dimensions right now:

      1. date

      2. types of queries (i only want 5 here.. insert, select, update, delete and create)


      this graph gives me a total count of these different types of queries.


      Now i want to extend this graph into showing me two lines. One which gives me a count of types of queries (which it already is) and the 2nd line should show me a total of all the queries (every type, not only limited to the 5 mentioned above).


      I tried a lot of cominations, somehow i cannot get the 2 lines on the same graph.



        • Re: Line chart 2 expressions
          Stefan Wühl



          maybe something like


          =count( total <date> Queries)



          You might add a {1} if you want to disregard selection also:

          =count({1} total <date> Queries)


          Could you post a screenshot? I am curious how a linegraph looks like with that kind of dimension then.






          At best, you could also post a small application demonstrating your problem, that almost ever helps to get a quick solution.