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    Oracle reload problem with missing data records


      We are running Qlikview Server (with Publisher) against an Oracle datasource, and have had 3 instances over 10 weeks where QV says the script has reloaded successfully but when we look at the loaded data some of it is missing.  If the script is executed again it returns the full dataset. 


      This is a major concern for us because we need to rely on the scripts loading all the data every time.  If there is a problem it should error, not say it was successful.  Alarmingly we are talking about relatively small datasets (e.g. 120,000).


      For now we are monitoring the datasets each day for obvious discrepencies, but it's far from ideal.

      We are on QV10.2, Our data source is Oracle 11gR2, connecting with 64 BIT ODBC drivers.


      The issue has been logged with Qliktech but all they have suggested so far is to try OLEDB.  We are trying this but because the fault is intermittent it might not be conclusive.  Has anyone had a similar problem or have any suggestions on what else to investigate