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    Pivot table Context



      Is there any way I can get the pivot table intersection in VBScript? I would like to get the context before and after the click.


      Actually, what I want to do is to set the row and column selections to row and column intersection in the pivottable. I see that if I click on Row A and Col B

      the selection is fine. If I then click on Row A and Col C, the value of the Row is toggled out and the selection for the row is blanked out. Instead I want the variables to be set to Row A and Col C.


      I was thinking to implement this in VBScript. But I am not able to get the context of the cell where the user clicked.


      Please let me know how I can implement this - whether with VBScript or any other configuration changes.





        • Pivot table Context
          Daniel Rozental

          Not sure I got what you're trying to achieve but I have a couple ideas that might help you.


          You can have a document level trigger on Row and Col selection then store into a variable the selection.


          You can use previous selection in set analysis sum({$1} Sales) will return the sales of the previous selection.