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    How to handle SQL Timeout in Qlikview



      I have recently experienced that one of the tables that I am fetching data was "locked" for use. If I try to fetch the data using a Macro it throws me "Timeout Exception". But no such exception is thrown when I try to load data through Qlikview script. Load script just hangs without any timeout excpetion. Qlikview file on the server too could not be loaded.


      I want to detect such Timeout exception while loading data in Qlikview and send an Alert to users that the database has some problem.


      Have anyone faced such issue earlier. Please help!




        • How to handle SQL Timeout in Qlikview
          Rob Wunderlich

          I get load failures due to deadlocks somewhat frequently on a particular SQLServer 2003 DB. In this case, it is the database throws an error when it resolves the deadlock by killing the QV request.


          I work with another DB -- Lotus Domino -- where the DB server sometimes goes non-responsive and the load just hangs. In this case I rely on the Reload task Timeout Seconds to end the reload task with an error.


          In both cases I use the reload alert facilty to send an email on failure. In the case of the non-responsive DB, the email says the cause of the error is Reload Task timeout, but everyone knows it's caused by the DB.