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    generate a data flow diagram

      Dear All,

      I have a question and hope that someone could already gain experiences to this issue!

      I am searching a way to generate (automatically) a data flow diagram.

      We load numerous fields from different sources (databases, external lists). To be comprehensible we have an appropriate documentation inclusive our own QV-application, in which we represent the individual steps (e.g. extraction of fields, information the Publisher, etc.).

      For the sake of clarity, we want to point out the whole data flow in a diagram (DFD).

      There are two possibilities:

      a) We type everything by hand and transfer data flow manually into an appropriate tool (e.g. Visio, FlowChart, etc.)

      b) There is a way to create a data flow automatically …. well, this is the solution I prefer and I hope for your inputs [;)] ….

      Does someone have a similar challenge? And how did you solve these challenge?

      I am pleased about each reference :-)

      Kind regards