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    How to pass parameter through Section Access

      Dear all,


      I have made aapplication with section access as user id and password.


      when i open the qlikview application with browser it passes the userid and pwd in URL,


      Can any one help me that how can i pass the parameter value that it shows with the qvw file., that this user id qpplication is Opening.



      Please Help its Urgent,





        • How to pass parameter through Section Access
          Zhou Dz

          section access;

          LOAD [USERID],
          FROM table1;

          section application ;

          star is * ;


          FROM table2;

            • Re: How to pass parameter through Section Access
              Nagaian Krishnamoorthy

              The following is an extract from Qlikview Server manual. Please see the manual for examples.


              When connecting to QlikView Server from Windows clients, either via the Open in Server dialog or via

              link files, the identity to be used is specified via the pseudo-URL document address. The syntax is:


              qvp://[[username]@]servername [:(port | protocol)] /




              username is a Windows user ID

              servername is the name of a server running QlikView Server

              documentname is the name of the QlikView document (excluding qvw extension)

              port (e.g. 4749) can be used to specify a specific port used by the server

              protocol (e.g. http) can be used to specify tunneling protocol


              USERID denotes a section access userID in clear text. This parameter is also utilized to pass a Ticket

              value during the Get Ticket process.

              XUSERID denotes a scrambled section access userID

              PASSWORD denotes a section access password in clear text

              XPASSWORD denotes a scrambled section access password

              MACRO denotes the name of a macro to be run when the document is opened

              (only one macro allowed)

              IIS_AUTHENTICATE denotes a single-use key (40 hex characters) for IIS integrated authentication.

              paramvalue is a valid value for each parameter.

              @ without username denotes anonymous identity.

              If user identity is omitted altogether, the logged in Windows identity is assumed.


              Hope this helps.