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    Difference between 2 dates



      I have 2 date fields in the format


      question_date eg : jun-25-2011

      answer_date eg:    jul-01-2011



      i need to find the difference between 2dates , in above case 6 days ...how do i write this in an expression.

        • Difference between 2 dates



          I have solve this problem in the script with the expression:


          answer_date - question_date AS difference


          Maybe you have to try

          num(answer_date) - num(question_date) AS difference

          if you converted the date field into the format 'jun-25-2011'.




          • Re: Difference between 2 dates


                  PFA. I have used mapping function to map Month names to numeric values i.e Jan is 1, Dec is 12 . Then created the dates in M/D/YYYY format using makedate() function. You may then apply logic for subtracting the two dates as needed. Hope this helps.