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    Passing parameter and direct url to docs

    Huzaifa Azman



      I need to generate and show qlikview apps (AJAX) based on a value inserted in a specially designed web page for this purpose.

      So the flow will work by inserting required date for example and click submit, then the qlikview apps will be shown to the user in web browser (AJAX).


      I believe this will only work with a license for Qlikview Server. Cause I got Qlikview Server with trial keys that already expired. I'm aware that you can run the server but the documents will not be showing in Access Point. I also got some input from this forum and got this direct url to show the document (films.qvw):




      test-pc is my server machine.


      I found 2 entries here that might help me but I'm not sure:

      http://community.qlik.com/message/64198#64198 - with QVP protocal instead of http which not recognised by Firefox

      http://community.qlik.com/thread/19203 - Javascript example


      my question is does anyone have it working and how it was done? and do I need the server license to test it out?