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    New Array: For Fractile Function

      Hi All,


      In my tables that i loaded, I had to use left join to get rid of loops. The result, a crosstable where the new fields from the tables that were joined have been defined. I've said this to set some context around what my data looks like.


      Before the join i used FRACTILE(AnnualFixedCTC,0.25) to give me the 1st Quartile and it worked perfectly. With my new 'TABLE'  it is not giving me the correct value. This is because my range is now 'larger' due to duplicate 'values' because of the joins.


      My question Is there anything I can do to limit/define my range for my fractile function. The fractile function dimension is OCCUPATION, encase you need that. I tried using my limited knowledge of aggr and set analysis with no such luck yet.