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    New user to Qlikview - Sales reports / Forecasts



      My name is Gareth and I work as a Merchandiser for Greenwoods Menswear, A highstreet retailier of Mens Formalwear for over 150 years in the Uk.


      We have recently upgraded our retail / epos systems (from pennine systems that were installed in the 80's) and now have Qlikview installed as one of our reporting tools.


      In the past I have produced all company reports using excel and Microsoft office (ODBC connections to pennine tables) but now our new system doesnt update the old files.


      I am looking to produce a number of reports / tools using qlikview in order to aid / improve the way our business works. I have had very very little in house training using Qlikview and am finding it rather difficult / slow to begin with to get fast results that i'd like.


      If anyone has any similar reports they could send me or any advice or can point me in the right direction then I would really appreciate it.


      To begin with I will be looking to produce reports / tools on the following topics :


      Sales History

      Forecasting sales

      Best selling stores for certain product types over different periods of times

      Stock audit / for branches (in accordance with sales per product type, ie trousers, suits, jackets etc etc)


      Any help / advice would be appreciated,


      Thanks & Kind Regards,


      Gareth Cox


      Greenwoods Menswear

      Email - coxg@gwmw.com


      Greenwoods Menswear Ltd, Second Floor, Bradford Business Park, 5 Kingsgate, Canal Road, Bradford BD1 4SJ

      Company Registration No.  6779313


        • New user to Qlikview - Sales reports / Forecasts
          Joe Kirwan

          Hi Gareth


          To clarify:


          Does Qlikview connect to the new EPOS system?


          Is the issue here that you would like to use / replicate the old excel file layouts?


          Sales history - did you migrate your historical data to the new system?





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              Yes the Qlikview connects to the new epos system via ODBC connections to the database tables stored on the server.


              I understand that the layouts of reports cannot be matched exactly as per my old excel files and trying to replicate old files is proving to be very difficult. I have got this idea out of my head and am trying to produce reports with the same information but in easier to read formats and better formats where possible...... Just struggling a little at the beginning here as things arnt developing as quick as id like them to.


              All Sales history has been migrated to the new system..... and for my own sanity I have a lot of the old sales history stored in excel files and microsoft databases that i could also use if need be...... but id like to keep all connections to the new system only (As the data and figures should be exactly the same)





                • New user to Qlikview - Sales reports / Forecasts
                  Joe Kirwan

                  Welcome to the world of Qlikview!


                  For what it's worth, I was in the same space about 6 months ago.


                  Have you worked through the tutorials / free online training?


                  This is an essential part of the learning curve.


                  However, you will also quickly need to get your head around things like data associations and SQL scripts, and these are not so well served by the learning resources mentioned above.


                  I do not have a programming background, but have found that some basic understanding of SQL script can go a long way!


                  Also, I have had a fantastic help from members of the Qlikview community.


                  I struggled initially, and received similar exhortations to persevere. I'm glad I did, and while not by any means an expert, have now a degree of confidence in my ability with the product.


                  As regards any specific issues you might have, why not try them out on the community? Or feel free to post your first few queries by private message.






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                      Hi Joe,


                      Thanks for the advice.


                      I havent had chance to look at the tutorials yet - so this will be my task for the weekend. I will also get some literature to read on sql, I haven't really used Sql that much and have been using the scripts in qlikview and have had to work it out as and when i come to it..... This is one of the things that is slowing me down at the moment.


                      I guess its just patience and time and practice ! as with anything else in life.


                      Once again thanks and if I have any tricky questions, or get really stuck with anything then this communit will be my first point of call