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    How to pass column() value to an Expression with set analysis

      Hi, i'm new in QV and i need do this:


      Im loading a table inline with 3 fields



      LOAD * INLINE [

          IdCuen, NombreCuen, Valor

          1, Val1, 10

          2, Val2, 20

          3, Val3, 30



      When i working with a pivot table, im creating an expression with the value of the Valor Field. So, i need to pass this value to a second expression wih set analysis like this:


      Sum({<[Cuenta N3] = {$(=Column(1))}>} MOVIMIENTO)


      but not working.

      What im doing wrong??


      I know that do the expression like Sum({<[Cuenta N3] = {$(=10)}>} MOVIMIENTO) its easy, but im trying to do more generic, load data from script.