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    Extracting a specific section from a long text field?

      G'day guys,


      Having some trouble with this one:


      Background: Reporting on some measurements that are to be pulled from a 'Product Description' field. The field is of no consistent length and the only identifier I have is the unit of measurement (um) within the field.




      'EG TESTING 1/S 50UM'

      'ANOTHER TEST 1100UM'


      This field also has some entries which are measured in GSM and other units but we are ONLY interested in the 'UM' measurements at this stage,


      I don't know which function will do this for me with any accuracy due to the inconsistent varying of field length and number of digits in the actual measurement length. Hopefully someone has a lead I can follow on this one, it's the last piece of this nearly finished puzzle I have been working on.