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    Regarding pivot table

      Hi Everyone,

      Lately I am working on a pivot table issue. I posted this question but I guess I wasn't clear enough.

      Here, I am trying again.


      I have attached a print screen of the pivot table I am working on.


      The formula that I used to calculate the "Test" is this:








      total <Bucket_Test,STAGE> total [TOTAL_VALUE])


      and the Cyclic Group is named as "Group 1".

        • Regarding pivot table

          are you trying to sum the literals defined (Fact_type='Current', Flag_Health_Report='1', etc) or do you want that to be dynamic?    Have you tried to add Tier Geo to your total <Bucket_Test,STAGE> ?



          some of the calc concepts in Qlikview are new to me.  Have you tried using an aggr function?