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    How can I access a specific variable according to a dimension value?

      Hello everybody,
      I'm a qlikview newbye, so please forgive me if I don't use a correct terminology.
      I'm trying to create an application where a user can set weekly coefficients (using sliders) to shape income forecast. In my application I have a simple line-chart with "week" as dimension and Sum(SellOut_qty) as expression.
      What I can do is:
      • - create a variable for each week
      • - link each slider to a variable
      • - place a sequence of 52 if clauses in the expression to check which is the week and use the correct variable as coefficient


      Obviously this looks very tricky to me.
      Is there a way to get dynamically a variable according to dimension value. I'm thinking, in example, about using a dinamic string to get the variable (something like vaiables["myVariable"])
      Thanks in advance for your help