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    Selections per sheet

      Is it possible to have a list box or multibox that does not link to the other sheets in the QVW? For example, I am looking to setup one sheet as an overview of data while another sheet would look at data specific to one person. To do so, I want to force the user to select 1 person but have that not also filter the overview sheet for that person. I still want the overview sheet to look at everyone. Is this possible?

        • Selections per sheet

          Yes that is possible one way of doing this is by creating two fields (filters) with the same data but different name, this way you can place in different sheets and get the results



          • Selections per sheet
            Tim Benoit

            Take a look at the Set Analysis topic. You could have objects on the overview sheet refer to the entire set of field values whether or not there is a current selection for that field.

            For enforcing that only one value is selected you will need to create a macro (now called an Action in version 9) that is executed whenever the selection changes for that specific field. The macro can check if more than one field value is selected and if so, put up a msgbox error window and maybe change the selection to only one value.